What ıs hypnosıs and suggestıon. Dıscoverıng past lıves.

What ıs hypnosıs and suggestıon. Dıscoverıng past lıves.

When people heard about hypnosis and suggestion for some reason come the mind odd stories. Evil doctors who hypnotize people to do what they do not want to. They are Hollywood effects of course.

hypnosis and suggestion. Discovering past lives.

 Hypnosıs and suggestıon are scıentıfıc methods. It’s a fact.

Hypnosis and suggestion are science used by the Purpose is: come down to the subconscious, find out things that make sick people and help people face to this uncomfortable things and cure.

The rest will force the limits of your imagination … Movies or books are being created by imagination. No problem.

 hypnosıs and suggestıon. Dıscoverıng past lıves.

Hypnosıs and suggestıon are scıence. Do not panıc.

Franz Mesmer, a scientist who lived between 1734 and 1825, used hypnosis and suggestion for the first time. Afterwards, J. Martin Charcot gave a scientific and formal characteristic to the method of hypnosis and inspiration.  Everybody hears about Sigmund Freud and psychoanalytic technique.

Freud identified subconscious emotions as causing the illness in the person, and signed a highly successful work by using hypnosis and suggestion on this subject. So there is nothing worry about Hypnosis and suggestion. You can be cured in right hands by using Hypnosis and suggestion.

The subconscious is such a place; we do not even know what it is. Our fears, obsessions, are always fed from this dark well. So we must bring those fears to light and heal them.

As one writer says: ‘’we should not expect to be forgiven if we don’t bring to our darkness to the light.’’   Meaning of this sentence:  cure and make peace with ourselves.

‘Do you know that you are light or not? Go to the darkness; deepest darkness.’  Actually, this sentence gives us a good news to face our fears and then we will find out our creativity potential inside of us. It’s a little scary yes, but reality always little bit scary. Am I wrong?

hypnosis and suggestion. Discovering past lives.

Beautiful sentence come from Pythagoras, ‘If there is no light, don’t speak with God.   The fire effects into everything. It springs out of the sky and shines. But fire grew stronger places like hell. Dark and cruel. ”

Muhyiddin İbn Arabî says: Everything that is not seen in the dark is thought to be absent. It does not exist until it comes out. However, there is … Only, it is seen when it comes to light. ‘

How ıs hypnosıs done?

Hypnosis is a type of sleep that is made by suggestion or using any object. Consciousness may be in sleep but it does not resemble normal sleep. Consciousness is still alive and can respond to questions.

  Can people hypnotıze themselves?

Yeah. This is possible with certain techniques.  But it has to be investigated and studied on this subject.

hypnosis and suggestion. Discovering past lives.

Past lıves and hypnosıs.

hypnosis and suggestion. Discovering past lives.

Hypnosis can help people to find out the past lives.  The people who were hypnotized can say something incredible, they speak foreign languages, and it is not just today’s languages, even the languages that are dead now!

Of course hypnotized people don’t speak languages only they can tell about his/her past lives and show proof. According to experts: we carry our ancestors’ Karma! The illness that we have may come from our grandmothers, grandfathers or other relatives.   There are serious clinical search about it. It is not a fiction.

 hypnosis and suggestion. Discovering past lives.

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