Yezıdıs’ belıefs. Strange story of not gettıng out of the cırcle.

Yezidis’ beliefs. Strange story of not getting out of the circle.

Yezidis or Ezidis speaking Kurdish in general; old and traveling ethnic and also known as a religious community. The Yezidis have beliefs that extend back to their religion in Mesopotamia. The Yezidis, who have parallel beliefs in Zoroastrianism, have roots that are based on Iraq-Ninova.

While some admit the Kurdish identity, the Yazidis living in different geographies of the world do not recognize the Kurdish identity. Yezidis in particular to the European countries who have emigrated to Germany, Turkey, Georgia and live in Armenia. Nepes tend to decrease.

Yezidis' belıefs.

Yezıdı Belıefs:

yezidi1 300x200 - Yezıdıs' belıefs. Strange story of not gettıng out of the cırcle.

In Yezidism faith,  God created man and wanted Satan to  respect human. Satan disobeyed God. That is the proof that Satan is distinguished. Actually Satan was tested and he passed the test so Satan gain rights to rule the world. That is the belief of Yezidis.

The entity that the Yezidis call the fallen angel can’t be compared with other divine beings which were talked in other religions.

According to Yezidis: The only duty of God creating of the world, rest of all is not his concern. Satan/fallen angel  is just a kind of mediator that fulfills God’s will and is referred to as angelic peacock. Symbol peacock.

The fallen angel rebelled against God because he was proud and burned forty thousand years, at the end fallen angel’s tears blow out the fire and make peace with God.

The fallen angel is like the Earth, both good and bad. How the fire cooks and warms the human being, and at the same time it burns everything and destroys it. Both constructive and destructive.

Angel Peacock is a very powerful hero as well as a Devil forgiven by God. It is a sacred name. For this reason, the name is forbidden. Yezidis don’t say Angel Peacock names.

God is good and loving. God is forgiving. For this reason, instead of worshiping God and gaining his heart, the best thing getting along with Satan. This will provide protection.

Because Satan is the only one that you should fear. He is the leader of evil things. Satan rules the world, and he is the shadow of the god and his right arm.

Yezidis' belıefs.

There is no place  after death. The earth may turn into heaven or hell any time with an angelic peacock.(Tavus)

Yezidis’ belıefs.

Odd belıef. Why Yezıdıs can’t gettıng out of a cırcle?

If someone draw a circle a Yezidi’s around, Yezidi can’t getting out of this circle. The person who draw the circle have to erase the circle then Yezidi can go out the circle. Otherwise he stays in circle  whatever may come!


Accordıng to Yezıdıs’ belıefs.

‘Because Satan, pointed Yezidis and drawn a circle that include them, said  ‘This is my people.’ This circle is so important for Yezidis. If someone goes out of the circle, he is no longer Yezidis ‘person and this act makes Satan so angry. Making Satan angry is not wise act that’s why Yezidi keep staying at the circle.



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